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2 Math Lessons that may be useful in the classrooms

Media Sample Lessons on Measurement

Teaching Measurement

Journey into Measurement

Measurement Lesson Plan (2):

“CAN YOU MEASURE MATH?” lesson plans to use in 4th-6th grade

References/Websites that Teachers May Find Useful When Teching Measurement to Students:



Does TEEN PREGNANCY dEsTrOy the Nation’s Youth?

teen pregnancy powerpoint

IS “FREE LUNCH” a blessing or a punishment?

IS “FREE LUNCH” a blessing or a punishment?.


What do U do when…?

As a teacher, what do you do when a student comes up to you and he/she loves you more than his/her very own mother?

What do you do when a child has rancid body odor and your other students are complaining?

As a teacher, what do you do when a parent comes to you and says that she can no longer afford to buy her child school supplies and current school uniforms?

What do you do when you begin to notice that one of your students hasn’t been eating lunch because his parents can’t afford to give him lunch money?