2 Math Lessons that may be useful in the classrooms

Media Sample Lessons on Measurement

Teaching Measurement

Journey into Measurement

Measurement Lesson Plan (2):

“CAN YOU MEASURE MATH?” lesson plans to use in 4th-6th grade

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LEAD TEACHERS in the house, please STEP FORWARD!

There’s a opportunity for advancement in my school system. They’re looking for educators with that “it” quality. These will be the teachers in your building that seem to do everything effortlessly. They have great relationships with their students, their classroom environment is festive, and the displayed themes are constantly revolving.

These teachers have little, if any, classroom management problems and other teachers often use them as a refuge and “educational toolbox.”¬† Are you considered to be a “Lead Teacher?” Do you have what it takes? If so, PLEASE STEP FORWARD!

Does TEEN PREGNANCY dEsTrOy the Nation’s Youth?

teen pregnancy powerpoint

IS “FREE LUNCH” a blessing or a punishment?

IS “FREE LUNCH” a blessing or a punishment?.


Barack Obama’s Biggest Fans

We shall overcome someday…!” Do you remember what you were doing when Barack Obama officially became the President of the United States? I remember when this revolution was being televised, I was on the phone with my father who was shedding tears of joy. I remember how proud he was in the moment and how grateful he was to witness such acceptance and change that had taken place. I was overjoyed as well.

When I returned to school, my students were filled with excitement. Their parents/grandparents  had obviously talked to them about the significance of having an African American president. They were eager to share what they had learned. It seemed that overnight, they developed empathy for people of other races and in their own way, they understood that the world was moving toward greatness.

I am a teacher who never fails to incorporate some form of art into every lesson. For this task, students worked in collaborative groups of 3 and 4. The objective was to find out as much as they could about our 1st Black President of the United States. They utilized technology to research/print pictures of Barack Obama, his family, and great moments during his life and campaign. They developed small tidbits about what being black meant to them at this very time.

My students now believe that anything is possible to achieve, especially for minorities.  To be president of any nation is a great success in itself.

On this day, they held their heads high and they knew that if “he can, then YES WE CAN!”

Who’s Looking Out for Tiffany?

Who’s Looking Out for Tiffany?.

There isn’t an educator out there that hasn’t been touched in some sort of way. Please click on the link for some…food 4 thought.

What do U do when…?

As a teacher, what do you do when a student comes up to you and he/she loves you more than his/her very own mother?

What do you do when a child has rancid body odor and your other students are complaining?

As a teacher, what do you do when a parent comes to you and says that she can no longer afford to buy her child school supplies and current school uniforms?

What do you do when you begin to notice that one of your students hasn’t been eating lunch because his parents can’t afford to give him lunch money?

wHo Am I…?

I’ve had the pleasure of existing in this world as an only child; the offspring of well rounded and multi-talented parents who pride themselves on having obtained the “American Dream.” I took my first breath in a city known as “The Bottom.” However, my education and pursuit of happiness uprooted me from familiarity and planted me in what was once known as “Chocolate City.”

Here, I became an innovative educator of youth, somewhere deep within a “ward” where change is inevitable and experience is welcomed.

My life…has meaning!

MY MANTRA: “Each One, Who Can Reach One……Should Teach One!”

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wElcOmE 2 tHe eDuCaToR’s DEPOT……

troubled youth die young

For a bit over a decade I have welcomed the never ending, rewarding challenge of teaching some of the most beautiful children living in dire circumstances. Many of these children have been written off and deemed unreachable. I ask you, does an “unreachable” child even exist? Could it be that many who try have simply missed the mark because the tendency to “mistreat what we don’t understand” has revealed itself to these children and turned them off?

What does it take personally, to make a significant impact in a child’s life? What does one have to become?

Like many endeavors and rendezvous that we all pursue in our lifetime, soul searching becomes an inevitable course of action. Teaching is not a profession that you can simply jump into halfheartedly. Everyone cannot teach!

Children have a keen sense of reality and authenticity. They notice when we are not truly invested in their well being, their life, and overall happiness. They notice when we are superficial and when we are vulnerable. Both of these qualities can heavily impact a child’s life. But…who is it that we have to become?

Something to think about….